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What is GANE?
GANE is a way of thinking about the economy which centers on the local community and builds outward to regional and national levels. It focuses on full employment, equity, and environmental sustainability. This systemic approach is described in GANE as “community federalism.”

Why do we need it?
Doesn’t it bother you that in this economic crisis Wall Street is getting bailed out while families and communities are left to fend for themselves? Do politicians seem to be more concerned about keeping corporations profitable than about how to meet the needs of people in relation to their community?

Check it out! You may be asking some of the same questions we are and you may like some of our ideas. While we suggest some new directions, we believe the answers should come out of a broad public dialogue. We invite your thoughts.

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Communities | Local Capital | Meaningful Work | Corporations | Federal Role

Meaningful Work

If after visiting the website, you would be interested in arranging a presentation or workshop, you can e-mail Ruth Caplan at ruthcaplan@thealliancefordemocracy.org

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