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The General Agreement on a New Economy (GANE) was developed by the Economics Working Group, while a project of the Tides Foundation. It is the result of a robust discussion among forward thinking economists and policy advocates taking place over several years. GANE is now a project of the Alliance for Democracy as part of the Corporate Globalization/Positive Alternatives campaign.

GANE is always a work in progress. We hope this will stimulate your creative thinking about our shared future. We encourage you to share your ideas through Let’s Talk. We can’t let our economic future be determined by the Wall Street financiers and corporate CEO’s!

The Alliance for Democracy is a non-partisan, grassroots membership and chapter-based non-profit organization. Chapters work together with other community groups on local, state and national issues, as well as on specific Alliance national campaigns.

The Alliance is committed to true democracy that emphasizes the voice and will of the people; pursuit of social and economic justice for all; and the development of alternative democratic, human-sized economic systems that empower communities and minimize harm to the environment.

General Agreement on a New Economy/Project of the Alliance for Democracy
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Project Office 202-244-0561
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